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Arrows for player 1. Use your 'drill' to break up the rocks.

WASD and CTRL/SPACE for firing (player 2)


After the apocalypse the (highly evolved/mutated) cockroaches reigned the razed Earth, developing culture, cities, a life, until one day being run from their cities by the last waves of the late Lypse. We join two cockroaches in an elaborate futuristic orgy/ballroom, the centerpiece of which is our version of The Last Supper combined with horny cockroaches. This room is high in a tower (cockroach built), of which the design is hollowed out in the middle for an impossible chandelier hovering in the middle. Our heroes are the waiters to this event.


David Tiegen - davidjtiegen.com
Alice Iu
Jarien Sky - jariensky.com
Justice McDaniel - tumblr - BookFace
Nathan Cope - nathancope.com
Topher Campbell - snapvids.com